The Corruption of Science

I feel strongly we are in at least the beginnings of a major scientific revolution.  The existing paradigm of science has degraded to nothing more than subjectivity and filling agendas.  Nice article by Dr. Nancy Swanson…

Originally posted in ISIS Report, May 14, 2014

Many are the ways in which the powers that be obstruct and obscure our paths to knowledge  Dr Nancy Swanson

Say it in Latin for God

We need only look at the historical record to know that those who crave power have seized upon the belief system of the people in order to manipulate and control them.  All good ideas start out well enough but, sometime after gaining wide acceptance, they inevitably become corrupted.

Those who ruled the Roman Catholic Church used it as a tool for absolute control of the masses.  People who did not fall into line were threatened with excommunication, doomed to burn in hell forever.  If they fell too far out of line, they were burned alive on the grounds of heresy.

One method of control was to use Latin for mass.  The entire structure was formed around a language that the people did not speak, read or write.  This forced people to have a go-between, a priest, to intervene with God on their behalf.  Ostensibly God only understood Latin.

The great crime committed by Galileo Galilei was not so much what he said, but that he insisted on saying it in Italian, the language of his people, rather than the language of the scholars and priests [1].  Kepler and Copernicus had already published much of what Galileo espoused.  But they did it in Latin and therefore did not incur the wrath of the church.  Apparently you could say pretty much anything so long as very few understood what you were saying.  Not only was Galileo excommunicated, his book was banned, he was placed under house arrest for life and he was forced to recant.

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