Blinded by the Light

Night Song

Oh, on your soft pillow

Dreaming now, half-hear!

In my music’s echo

Sleep! What would you more?

In my music’s echo

The starry host appear,

Eternal feelings, bless, now:

Sleep! What would you more?

Eternal feelings, bless, now,

Lift me higher and higher,

From all earthly beings: oh,

Sleep! What would you more?

From all earthly beings, oh,

You carry me, now, so far,

Enchanted by the cool flow:

Sleep! What would you more?

Enchanted by the cool flow,

Dreaming now, you hear.

Ah, on your soft pillow,

Sleep! What would you more?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sleep is what refreshes us, sustains us.  Sleep is vital not just for the restful feeling we get, but without proper sleep our physical and etheric bodies cannot carry out the necessary anabolic (building up) processes without being impeded by the catabolic (breaking down) forces taking place within the upper body (the ego and astral bodies).  The body functions in this polarity of building up and breaking down resulting in a middle ground, called balance or homeostasis.  When we suffer sleep deprivation, the “breaking down” process becomes dominant, resulting in premature aging and all the various maladies that can result…many conditions that reductive science labels “disease”.

This is an excellent article from Aeon by journalist Rebecca Boyle.  We begin to see that all those lights shining at night is much more than “energy pollution”…it effects not just the environment but our health as well as behavior and wellbeing of many species.  Its not that we need to return to the “dark ages”, its finding that balance in between, the mid-range so to speak.

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