New Places, New Projects

AHorsesView blog is going to be taking an indefinite break.  I am going to be working with my friend Chiara Marrapodi, founder of The Society for Animal Consciousness.  This will be a online platform in which I can indulge my desires to help develop knowledge of the human/animal relationship as it is approached through Goethean science.  Consciousness in animals is now ‘officially’ recognized, yet with many questions remaining; therefore many misunderstandings exist as we oftentimes attempt to apply our own human centrism to the animal.  The consciousness of the animality can be ascertained in a true manner, and by using a participative approach to science given to us by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and as further elucidated by Rudolf Steiner as well as others past and present, not the least of which are Henri Bortoft, Owen Barfield, Mark Riegner, and Craig Holdrege, we are able to find a way to sort through this maize of confusion in a way that is palpable by anyone who is genuinely interested.

To this end, Sophia* Institute for Animals Studies will eventually come into being through the Society.  This is anticipated to be a one-two year project to get started and is envisioned be an interactive learning platform for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding of animals in a way that is not available in mainstream curricula.  My online equine health coach/nutrition courses are and will remain available through the American Council of Naturopathy.  The SIAS is not intended to be any type of ‘certifying’ entity but is envisioned to be a portal for exploring consciousness in non-human beings.  It is recognized that all aspects of life may affect consciousness in all sentient beings.  These aspects are comprised of: heredity, regimen (including nutrition), place, trauma, and resonance with human; therefore all of these subjects will be discussed on some level.

Chiara and I share many of the same philosophies and passions when it comes to the interaction we have with animals in our lives – I am very proud and excited to be working with her in this momentous endeavor!

From Henri Bortoft’s work and writings we learn that the universe is holographic, not atomistic – through every part of creation can we experience the whole if we so choose.  And that means animals are part of us, we can discover ourselves within the animal world.  It is time that we stop viewing them as “its” separate from us.  I invite you to come join us on a journey of learning to ‘presence the wholeness’ of nature.

Please join us at The Society for Animal Consciousness, both on Facebook and the web.

* Sophia means ‘divine wisdom’.

Mind in Nature: A Question of Consciousness

This is a very nice essay, and even though not stated specifically also points out the evolution of human consciousness and how we are in the process of returning to ancient thoughts and philosophies but this time in a conscious way.

Holistic Science Diaries


Questions of consciousness – what it is, where it comes from, whether it evolved, how it relates to matter, and so on – are surely some of the most important and perplexing questions that have ever faced humanity. Yet what is almost as fascinating about these questions, is just how reluctant we are to ask them, even in the face of compelling evidence that has emerged from fields such as quantum physics and other sciences over the past century.

They are uncomfortable questions for many, no doubt, as they get right to the heart of how we experience the world. How we answer these questions will largely determine whether we see the world as alive with complex meaning and connection; or, as has been the case for much of the past few centuries, as little more than a set of coincidental mechanistic occurrences. And this, in my view, is…

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