Breaking through the ‘space barrier’ from abstract perception to alive natural perception

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The Nature of Business

This is a guest blog written by scientist and natural philosopher Dr. Alan Rayner.

Imagine yourself standing petrified on the concrete edge of a swimming pool, while being jostled by those next to you. Someone splashing about in the water shouts to you. ‘Come on in, the water’s lovely!’ But you’ve never experienced full immersion in water before and you’ve never been taught how to swim. How do you feel?

Our cultural and educational institutions teach us, from a young age, to perceive our selves and others as if we were separate, isolated objects, both set apart from one another and boxed in by rigid boundaries.

In order to feel secure, we mentally sever ourselves from each other and the creative wildness of the natural world by setting in place an imaginary hard line or ‘cut’ – what I call ‘the space barrier’ – that enforces profound social and…

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Radical sustainability beyond the illusion….

A great article from Giles Hutchins

The Nature of Business

Radical means getting to the root of it.  Illusions are shattered when we get to the heart of the matter….and so by being radical in our approach to life we find that we can uncover artificiality which may cloak our ways of attending to our selves, each other and our wider neighbourhood.

‘The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.’ – Goethe.

Love 2

Learning to love our selves and each other is perhaps the most important task that lies before us. Put another way, the beginning of any new paradigm ought to be grounded in love if it is to be authentic and seek to replace old ways with truly fresh, new ways beyond current illusions.

Here are five tips or pointers that may help remind us to remain flowing within the tides of love:

–          Empathy: the…

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Horse Slaughter Has No Business In America

Another passionate plea for the horses…

Wild Horse Education


At Wild Horse Education we often get questions about our American mustangs going to slaughter. As with most of the issues there is the simple answer and then there is the entire truth. Yes, our American mustangs are sent across our borders and into the slaughter pipeline. Yet there are a multitude of ways that they get there.

When we are talking about BLM mustangs they enter the pipeline in primarily two ways.

A horse adopted through the BLM gets “titled,” like vehicle ownership, after one year. Once an owner has title in essence the horse has lost all protection afforded by the act and is considered a “domestic.” All laws, or lack thereof, that apply to domestics then apply to a BLM branded horse. An owner can then sell a horse and place it in jeopardy of slaughter.

In 2004 a program called “sale authority” became a reality for…

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Blinded by the Light

Night Song

Oh, on your soft pillow

Dreaming now, half-hear!

In my music’s echo

Sleep! What would you more?

In my music’s echo

The starry host appear,

Eternal feelings, bless, now:

Sleep! What would you more?

Eternal feelings, bless, now,

Lift me higher and higher,

From all earthly beings: oh,

Sleep! What would you more?

From all earthly beings, oh,

You carry me, now, so far,

Enchanted by the cool flow:

Sleep! What would you more?

Enchanted by the cool flow,

Dreaming now, you hear.

Ah, on your soft pillow,

Sleep! What would you more?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sleep is what refreshes us, sustains us.  Sleep is vital not just for the restful feeling we get, but without proper sleep our physical and etheric bodies cannot carry out the necessary anabolic (building up) processes without being impeded by the catabolic (breaking down) forces taking place within the upper body (the ego and astral bodies).  The body functions in this polarity of building up and breaking down resulting in a middle ground, called balance or homeostasis.  When we suffer sleep deprivation, the “breaking down” process becomes dominant, resulting in premature aging and all the various maladies that can result…many conditions that reductive science labels “disease”.

This is an excellent article from Aeon by journalist Rebecca Boyle.  We begin to see that all those lights shining at night is much more than “energy pollution”…it effects not just the environment but our health as well as behavior and wellbeing of many species.  Its not that we need to return to the “dark ages”, its finding that balance in between, the mid-range so to speak.

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Fisher Cats and Pot Farming – Repost from NPR

This brings up another side to the “legalize pot or not” debate.  From a personal standpoint, I’m not going to weigh in one way or the other on the legalization issue or the use of marijuana (from a holistic health practitioner standpoint, the use of it definitely isn’t doing your body any good on a recreational use level – a somewhat separate issue from the legal one).  What I will say is that everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – we humans do has at least some affect upon another life (or lives).  And this adds another level of complication to the entire legalization debate.  Fisher cats are rare and are being considered for the federal endangered species list according to this article on NPR.  But they are not the only wildlife being harmed by the practice of placing rat poison around illegal marijuana crops – owls, foxes, bobcat, and so…the list of wildlife harmed or killed can keep growing right along with the crop.

I am posting this under Animal Welfare as, to me that is what it primarily is, but it is every bit an ecological issue.

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