The following is a compendium (although not sure how “brief” it really is!) of information and resources of various topics I am personally interested in and present on this blog.  Check back as it will be updated as I come across new (and what I think is valid) information.

Carnivore Health Information

The Healing Crisis in Dogs – some information from Dr. Kim Bloomer’s website

Raw Fed Cats/Linda Zurich

Raw Meaty Bones/Dr. Tom Lonsdale’s website

Raw Meaty Bones – Essential Food (link to pdf file)

Dogs: The Omnivore-Carnivore Question (article by Dr. Jeannie Thomason & Dr. Kim Bloomer in Natural Horse Magazine, Vol 11, Issue 3)

Musings on Raw Feeding – another article by Dr. Kim Bloomer on carnivore feeding

First Aid for Your Dog – by Dr. Kim Bloomer

Natural Rearing Dog Breeders Association


Course Work/Continuing Education

American Council of Animal Naturopathy – technically a certifying council for those with degrees in animal naturopathy, however the course work here is phenomenal (I should know – I wrote/co-wrote the equine courses! :)).  There is a list of practitioners here.


Ecology & Environment & Michael Astera – I used his work rather extensively (giving him credit of course) in my equine nutrition book.  I was already familiar with the work of Dr. Albrecht and Michael Astera brings that work into current-day perspective.

O2Compost Systems & Training – I wish I had this compost system myself…hopefully someday.  But understanding the composting process – this works and Peter Moon is basically “Mr. Compost”.  Highly recommended, even if you start small.

Essential Oils

The Four Bodies and Essential Oils – an article by Dr. Mary Hardy

The Blood Brain Barrier – by Dr. David Stewart

Do Essential Oils Contain Proteins, Enzymes, Vitamins, or Hormones? – by Dr. David Stewart

Comparison Between Essential Oils & Drugs (chart)

Antibacterial Effects of Essential Oils in Commonly Consumed Medicinal Herbs (Molecules, 2010)

Chemistry and Biology of Boswellia Essential Oil (Evidence-Based CAM, Vol 2013)

Inhibition of MRSA by Essential Oils (Flavour and Fragrance Journal, 2008)


Goethean Science & Phenomenology

Schumacher College and The Nature Institute – to my knowledge these are the only two institutions in the world that actively teach Goethean science & phenomenology.  Schumacher is in England and The Nature Institute is in New York State.

David Seamon – I consider him a friend (although we’ve as yet not met face to face); he is a long time student of Goethean science and phenomenology, and is an environment-behavior researcher and Professor of Architecture at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.  I highly respect his work and writings.

Human/Animal Relationships

Francesco De Giorgio | José Maria Schoorl Zooanthropology – Francesco and José are working diligently to give horses and all animals a voice as sentient beings.  Their philosophies and mine align much of the time.

Vaccine Information

(The following can apply to all species.)

I highly recommend these books:

Immune Doggy by Aleksandra Mikic

How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines by Aleksandra Mikic

“Herd Immunity.” The flawed science and failures of mass vaccination, Suzanne Humphries, MD

A long video but well worth watching:


Antibody Theory: The Fatal Flaw In The Vaccination Agenda?

The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup

Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines

Interview with a Veterinary Naturopath on Vaccines & Natural Pest Control for Pets

Biological Terrain vs Germ Theory

The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur

The Fallacy of Titer Tests

Vaccination as a Cause of Illness (in animals, but applies to humans as well)

Rabies Vaccines are NOT required in Horses

Unnatural Point of Entry – by Steven Ransom

Immunization in Hahnemann’s System of Medicine – by Rudi Verspoor




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