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Shutterstock © Alin BroteaI am certified in animal naturopathy (aka “animal health coach”), and am a registered homeopath; I also continue my studies in human/animal relationships. While my specialization is equine (horses), I also consult on dog & cat issues. Since the US does not recognize non-traditional degrees and training, I am not a licensed veterinarian. Therefore, my services are strictly in the form of consultations and education. What I basically do is help to empower you with the tools (knowledge) to make safe, responsible decisions regarding the health and well-being of the animals in your care. My philosophies are strictly holistic and are not “integrative”. For more detail, see the About Me page.

What I Do

I specialize in what is known as “clearing remedies” or “timeline treatment” to remove the engendered effects of conventional vaccines, drugs and other traumas. This is a very important aspect toward re-establishing a healthy state in your companion. However, it is imperative that you are also willing to establish a species-appropriate regimen (diet & lifestyle) for your animal. This is something that should be done in conjunction with a treatment plan being put into place. Regarding diet – for cats and dogs, this means a raw meaty-bone diet; for horses this means continual free access to forages, preferably a combination of multi-species pasture and clean hay when appropriate. I am sorry to be blunt, but please do not even contact me if this is not something you are willing and committed to do. This does not mean that you have to make this switch immediately and in short order…in fact I highly recommend a more slow transition to save the animal undue physiological stress (which some people call “healing reactions”). I also highly recommend that the animal be put on drainage remedies just prior to or at the same time as the dietary transition; if this is not done, there can be exacerbated reactions depending upon the history of inappropriate feeding. These aspects will be covered in full detail once we begin a consultation.

Regarding carnivores (cats and dogs), if you need help transitioning your animal to a species-appropriate diet, I highly advise taking the Total Wellness for Pets class through the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. The price of this class will actually save you money over my consultation fees to accomplish the same thing.

Regarding horses, that becomes a bit more complicated matter because of the way they are used (and abused). My philosophies regarding horses do not tolerate the typical industry usage in any form…and that includes any kind of sports or rodeo in particular. When it comes to equine assisted therapy situations, I have to take those on a case by case situation as it has been my experience this has become yet one more way to ‘use’ the animal for human-centric gain. I do not take an all or nothing attitude, and if you are willing to begin exploring different ways of being with your horse, then we can talk and I am completely here for you – and your horse. If all you are wanting from me is to give you an “alternative” to conventional treatment while you continue on the same path, then please do not waste your time nor mine.

What to Expect During and After a Consultation

Most initial consultations take about an hour, sometimes more depending upon the situation and how much information I receive prior to it. I utilize email quite a bit, however at least the initial consultation is done via phone or Skype. Subsequent follow-ups are done as needed and typically take 15-30 minutes; these may be done by email, phone or Skype. I am always available to clients via email, generally responding within 24 hours. I typically do not charge for fairly minor follow-up questions. If it becomes involved, however, and I must research the issue or otherwise spend a fair amount of time, then the pro-rated hourly fee applies; likewise if new issues arise. Follow-ups after the initial consultation are totally dependent upon the circumstances; obviously more involved cases will require much more time.

Please noteas much as we would all like to, practitioners such as I, simply cannot answer non-client emails concerning health or other issues for any species.  Like everyone, I have to earn a living and spending much time on non-paying issues greatly detracts from the time I can spend helping others help themselves and their animals – if I don’t make money I don’t stay in business!

Prior to the initial consultation I will ask that you provide as much information as you can about the circumstances, both current and historical. Most people contact me about specific issues, but please understand that nothing exists in isolation and I will need as much information as possible. Once I receive the initial information and we have talked, we will work together to formulate a plan that can be implemented in stages and that will be doable for you. Please realize that the success or failure of any consultation sequence is completely dependent upon how much you are willing to do toward following this plan – after all you are the one who is being empowered to take charge of the situation!

Cost and Payments

All consultations, regardless of type or severity, are billed at a rate of $60 per half-hour. The rate will be pro-rated at 15-minute increments. You will be billed after EACH consultation and that amount is due immediately. I bill electronically and will send you an invoice via email. There will be a link in the email to pay by Intuit Payment Services – this does not require you to have an account with them (however creating one will allow you to login next time without re-entering information). You can pay securely via checking account or credit card. If for some reason you cannot access the link in the email, please email me to let me know.

As for any products (supplements, essential oils, etc) I may recommend, these will be your responsibility to obtain. If you do not know how or where to get what I recommend, I can give you sources. If I send homeopathic remedies directly to you, there is generally no charge for the remedy per se, just my time and postage.

Please respect my desires to earn a living and do not ask me to work for free.  Follow-ups will not be done until the previous bill is paid.

How to Schedule a Consultation

It’s very easy!  Simply use the contact form below to send me an initial email; based upon that I will respond appropriately and provide you with a list of schedule dates/times to choose from.  Thank you!


(Photo credit:  Shutterstock © Alin Brotea under download license)


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