Horse Slaughter Has No Business In America

Another passionate plea for the horses…

Wild Horse Education


At Wild Horse Education we often get questions about our American mustangs going to slaughter. As with most of the issues there is the simple answer and then there is the entire truth. Yes, our American mustangs are sent across our borders and into the slaughter pipeline. Yet there are a multitude of ways that they get there.

When we are talking about BLM mustangs they enter the pipeline in primarily two ways.

A horse adopted through the BLM gets “titled,” like vehicle ownership, after one year. Once an owner has title in essence the horse has lost all protection afforded by the act and is considered a “domestic.” All laws, or lack thereof, that apply to domestics then apply to a BLM branded horse. An owner can then sell a horse and place it in jeopardy of slaughter.

In 2004 a program called “sale authority” became a reality for…

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