Peter Pan Horsemanship

From Victor Ros…

Wild Equus

Where does one begin to describe some of the interesting “just so stories” used to describe human-horse interactions. From horses trying to play herd games with humans or try to move their feet, or win over some spirited ritual over a resource such as water or food.

Before going any further, for those not familiar with the great writer Rudyard Kipling and his equally famous “Just So Stories“, these are a series of stories in which Kipling gives imaginative explanations related to why something is the way it is, especially in regards to animals.

Most of what I would call “just so stories” in horsemanship are based in some way or other on horses allegedly trying to establish some sort of rank over the humans that interact with them, although not limited to these confabulations.

That is where Peter Pan horsemanship comes into play. I have witnessed, heard…

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