Fisher Cats and Pot Farming – Repost from NPR

This brings up another side to the “legalize pot or not” debate.  From a personal standpoint, I’m not going to weigh in one way or the other on the legalization issue or the use of marijuana (from a holistic health practitioner standpoint, the use of it definitely isn’t doing your body any good on a recreational use level – a somewhat separate issue from the legal one).  What I will say is that everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – we humans do has at least some affect upon another life (or lives).  And this adds another level of complication to the entire legalization debate.  Fisher cats are rare and are being considered for the federal endangered species list according to this article on NPR.  But they are not the only wildlife being harmed by the practice of placing rat poison around illegal marijuana crops – owls, foxes, bobcat, and so…the list of wildlife harmed or killed can keep growing right along with the crop.

I am posting this under Animal Welfare as, to me that is what it primarily is, but it is every bit an ecological issue.

Read Article Here


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