Roundup Weedkiller to be used to fight cancer? (re-posted from GreenMedInfo)

This is the beyond-ridiculous response to the ever increasing evidence that GMOs and the toxic chemicals used to farm them ARE causing cancer and a host of other undesirable conditions.  I agree with Sayer Ji – we need to stop begging for GMO labeling and work to ban them altogether; there is absolutely no way to prevent cross-contamination…you cannot hermetically seal off any farm, organic or otherwise!

It is well past the point where so-called “peer reviewed science” publications have little meaning and are not even worthy of being called science.  We are being fed a load of manure.

There really is a war going on for your mind today.  And increasingly it’s happening in the peer-reviewed and published literature itself; a place where, at least traditionally, it was believed agendas and biases would be filtered out so that the light of Scientific truth would reveal facts long buried under the leaden weight of the lay public’s superstitions and pre-scientific cultural beliefs.  Largely unbeknownst to the general public, we are in the midst of a titanic battle within the academic world between those scientists (and journals willing to publish their work) who claim that Roundup herbicide (glyphosate) is toxic and even cancer causing, and those who argue it is not only absolutely safe but that it may even make for an excellent chemotherapy agent for fighting lethal cancers.

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